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Diagnostic Labs and Radiology Brings You the Mobile Technology of Tomorrow- Today!

Diagnostic Laboratories and Radiology is the nation's leading provider of digital radiography, ultrasound, electrocardiogram and other Mobile Clinical Services. As part of the TridentUSA Health Services Family of Providers, our highly-skilled personnel and advanced technological capabilities allow us to travel to more than 12,000 facilities throughout the United States delivering the highest quality of clinical services. With over 1,300 licensed technologists and sonographers we provide services to:

  • Acute Care
  • Long Term Acute Care Hospital
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Physicians
  • Home Health
  • Hospice
  • Correctional Facilities

Diagnostic Labs and Radiology has been serving patients in healthcare facilities and institutions for more than 50 years and has built an outstanding reputation for availability, responsiveness, quality, and patient comfort. Our goal is to continue to provide extraordinary care to patients, wherever they are, whenever they need us.

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